Monday, January 08, 2018

New Year's Resolution: be in nature more

Sunrise January 7, 2018

Not surprisingly, I'm late with my resolution. It's January 8 and I just realized my resolve echoes what my body has been doing naturally: seeking out more experiences in nature.

I've been waking before the rest of my family and trying to watch the sun rise. I've gone for long walks, sometimes while it's still dark out. I've paused and listened to the birds in their fervent insisting. How often do I stand and listen to the birds, watch a cloud? I used to be so much more in touch with nature as a kid. I used to lie down on the grass and watch the sky.

Several times in the last few weeks, we've gone to the lake and blissed out on water, trees, rocks. I've noticed my kids are so much happier when we're out there. I wish I could throw every device and screen into the lake and give them back the sky.

Sunset 2017

What is your resolution?

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Becca Lawton said...

I'll join you in this one, Erika!

erika Mailman said...

I know you are a big time nature person, Becca! Here's to more rivers and more waterway loving in 2018!