Monday, January 01, 2018

Need light, fun posts each day? It's Blog-a-Day January

Photographer Petra Hoette literally made me laugh

It’s a Blog-A-Day January. My family does a fair amount of traveling, road trips especially, and I take photos and write down a few remarks in a notebook—always with the aim of later blogging about what we saw, particularly historical sites. But then the photos sit in my phone until I batch-upload them to my computer, and then they sit there. In many cases, for years.

I’ve always meant to be a more productive blogger, and for me short-terms goals work great (DietBet, anyone?). So my vow is to blog daily... just for January. Hopefully that will get me through a bunch of travel photos and maybe spur a more deep commitment to my blog.

If you want to “follow” my blog, the posts will arrive in your inbox. You can always unfollow later. It’s easy to follow this blog if you’re reading it on a desktop computer. Just look at the right-hand column: below the book jackets, you’ll see thumbnails of followers and a blue “Follow” button. Just click on that: there’s no need to enter any information or do anything other than click that button. You’ll find the blue button instantly converts to “unfollow” in case you decide you’ve made a terrible mistake.

If you’re reading my blog on your phone, it is just a little trickier. Scroll down past all my posts until you see the green “home” button with back and forth arrows on either side. Right under that, click on “view Web version” and look at the newly-created right-hand column, then follow the instructions above. I’ve got to configure Blogger to make this easier on the mobile version so that the right-hand column doesn’t disappear.

Tomorrow’s post: the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour in Vermont.
Ice cream and holstein cows: it doesn’t get any better than that.
(Holsteins are those black and white ones, which look especially lovely arranged on a green meadow)

By Dennis Jarvis from Halifax, Canada - PEI-00150 - Meet 528, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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Don said...

We-e-e-ell, I didn't know about Blog-a-Day January. Of course there's nothing stopping me starting now, doing it in February, or just blogging every day from now on. Back in the heyday I wanted to blog every day, because in truth I never run out of things to say or for that matter pictures to share. But blogging, like Facebook, seems to siphon out my Real Writing energy, so I've also always had a reluctance to commit.

I did blog every day, the key point being to share a picture, during my sabbatical in 2010. That wasn't difficult. I think the concern that my sabbatical would be wasted if not remembered gave me the extra motivation. I'm glad I did it. Needless to say it's best read backwards, i.e. from the beginning.