Saturday, December 31, 2016

Want a guide to help you write a better novel?

Isn't this cover design stunning?
I wanted to let readers know of a wonderful book on the craft of writing, Jordan Rosenfeld's
Writing the Intimate Character: Creating Unique, Compelling Characters Through Mastery 
of Point of View. Out in October from Writer's Digest Books, the book includes incredible 
advice for writers, and I've been enjoying reading it because of its wit and incisiveness. 
It's inspiring, it spurs motion for writers, and delivers analysis of a tricky issue (point of 
view) that breaks it down into understandable components.
Jordan and I did a quick interview over email and I'm happy to share it with 
you here.
Q: You've had great success with your Writer's Digest books. What's the
best piece of feedback you got in response to one of them? Did anyone have
a breakthrough or reach new understanding because of reading your words?
Jordan: The two biggest compliments I've received are for Make a Scene and A
Writer's Guide to Persistence. Several people have called Make a Scene
their "writing bible" and many have said it has changed their understanding
of scenes. However, I've been most moved by the comments on Persistence,
like a 70 year old woman who heard me talk at a Writer's Digest conference
and came to me, crying after, to say she had all but given up on her
writing and now she knew it wasn't too late, that she could still write for
herself, no matter the outcome.
Q: What's the best piece of advice in your latest book?
Jordan: In Writing the Intimate Character, the best piece of advice is most likely
to remember that the best way to demonstrate all character experience, as
well as their point of view, is through sensory experiences: that is, how
do emotions and experiences feel in the body? Can you use all the senses,
plus images, to show the reader fear, for example, as something writhing in
a person's chest, rather than saying "he was mad." 
Q: Who do you think is the best audience for your latest book?
Jordan: Absolutely anyone who wants a better understanding of point of view and how
to develop strong characters. 
That's pretty much any writer, at any stage of development and experience. I found much 
to learn from with this book and highly recommend it! Jordan's had a fantastic career of 
teaching writing and writing craft books that distill her knowledge into fun and likeable 
books. Her voice is friendly and instructive, and draws you in.
Jordan Rosenfeld is the author of seven books, most recently the novel Women in Red and 
the writing guide Writing the Intimate Character. Her freelance work has appeared in 
such places as The Atlantic, New York Times, Salon, Scientific American, The Washington 
Post and more.

Order Writing the Intimate Character by clicking on the image below. And: Happy New Year!


Don said...

Looks good! Added to cart.

Erika M said...

Awesome! I hope you will find it inspirational/motivational/words-on-the-pageional! :)