Friday, December 30, 2016

A diptych is worth 2,000 words

Here are the actors in the upcoming Lizzie Borden movie, paired with their historical counterparts.

Lizzie and Chloë Sevigny

Bridget Sullivan (the Borden maid) and Kristen Stewart

Abby Borden and Fiona Shaw

Andrew Borden and Jamey Sheridan

Kim Dickens and Emma Borden. Emma was Lizzie's sister. Absent the day of the murders, she was sent a telegram that her father was very ill because it was thought the real news was too shocking to be delivered in that manner. Subsequently, she delayed returning to town until the evening, only to learn he had actually been hatcheted to death, and her stepmother too.

Welcome home.

Kim Dickens in L.A. Times

Jay Huguley and William Moody (junior prosecuting attorney trying to get Lizzie convicted, with Attorney Knowlton)

And Jody Matzer plays Officer Fleet of the Fall River Police Department:

Another character I'm very keen on learning the actor for: Alice Russell. She was the friend Lizzie called for after the murders (rather than, oh say, the police).

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Don said...

Is it frustrating to see a movie come out about your subject that you didn't get to work on? If someone suddenly comes out with an adventure romance about a runaway slave in antebellum San Francisco I'm gonna be pissed.

(Blogger doesn't let me link to WordPress.)

Erika M said...

It's all good and exciting. Lizzie's in the zeitgeist! My book will come out around the same time as the movie, and I know its take on the Lizzie story is different from mine. When my witchcraft novel The Witch's Trinity launched, many others came out at the same time...I think I have my finger on the pulse of things sometimes. ;) Oh by the way, did I mention I'm working on a runaway slave adventure romance set

Don said...

Hah! No, but if you're somehow on the pulse, then maybe I am too and had better get crackin'!