Monday, March 18, 2013

SummerWords...a writers' feast in May/June

I’m delighted to announce that I’ll be a presenter at the SummerWords Writing Colloqium, where T.C. Boyle (pictured) will be the keynote speaker. There is an impressive roster of writers presenting and teaching at this event, held at the American River College May 30-June 2 in Sacramento, and I hope to see as many of the sessions as I can.

I’ll be teaching a workshop on historical fiction 11:30-12:45 on June 1 
called “Delving into the Past” (come prepared to wrestle an idea into 
submission and build a loose outline for a novel) and later that day 
from 1 to 2 I’ll be giving a Shop Talk where I’ll read a bit of my work 
and discuss it.
A few highlights at SummerWords to look out for:
* “An Evening with T.C. Boyle” on May 31
* The release of Michael Spurgeon’s novel Let the Water Hold Me 
Down (each attendee will be given a copy!) Michael and I both 
attended the same small college in Maine—Colby—and the same 
graduate program at UA Tucson. Now we both live in the greater 
Sacramento area. Uncanny coincidences, and it was wonderful to 
meet with him a few months ago and share anecdotes from these 
shared academic experiences, although we hadn’t known each other 
at the time. I’m a little…cough…older than him.
* An incredible, diverse array of poets and novelists and even a 
literary agent! Names that may ring a bell are Anthony Swofford, 
whose book Jarhead I used as a text when teaching Critical Thinking 
at Bay Area community colleges, his wife Christa Parravani whose 
memoir Her was just released this month and is receiving a lot of 
buzz, and Christian Kiefer, whose novel The Infinite Tides has also 
received a lot of attention. I’m excited to meet the other incredible 
sounding writers I see listed on the colloquium’s website.
It sounds like the attention will be on workshops for this sessions, 
so writers should definitely check it out. And for readers, there will 
be shop talks and plenty of opportunities to hear wonderful work.
Tickets are only $95 for four days of “panels, workshops, readings 
and talks with writers and poets of regional and national prestige.”
To learn more and purchase tickets, please visit http://www.arc.
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