Friday, March 01, 2013

Forged in Grace launch

Good friend Jordan Rosenfeld’s book Forged in Grace launches tomorrow at Booksmart in Morgan Hill. This novel is about Grace, irreparably scarred by a burn accident when a teen. Now an adult, she reconnects with the friend who was with her when it happened, and finally gets closure on their friendship and the circumstances of that afternoon. It’s psychologically complex: a great look at female friendships at the age when competition taints even the closest of relationship, and later at the age when one starts to assess one’s life and what’s been accomplished.

There are some amazing lyrical passages, and a nice reflective tone to the whole book. I had the fortune of reading this book in its early stages, and am so excited it’s out in the world now, much like tremulous Grace. The cover is a dream come true, eyecatching and aesthetically compelling! I was reflecting as I wrote this, that the cover must depict Grace…but then I wondered if maybe it was Marly, Grace’s friend. Or maybe we’re meant to wonder. Maybe Jordan can come do a guest post and talk about the book cover decisions.

Booksmart is a fantastic indie bookstore in charming Morgan Hill, just a short jump south of San Jose. Jordan used to work there so it’s the perfect place to launch her novel, embraced by the wonderful husband and wife owner team of Brad and Cinda Jones.

I got to know Jordan when I lived in Gilroy nearby. Many’s the long, complex talk we’ve had about the writing life and the craft of writing (she’s also the author of Make a Scene, a fantastic Writer’s Digest book on how to craft scenes. I always recommend it to my mediabistro students.) She’s been a fun and thoughtful friend, and I wish her all the best in her book’s success. If you live in the Bay Area, please attend her launch. If you don’t, please order her book to come to you.

3:00 Saturday, March 2
80 East Second St., Morgan Hill, CA

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Jordan E. Rosenfeld said...

Dear Erika, I don't know if you realize how instrumental you were in convincing me Grace (originally titled "Little Alien") was worth finishing. And then, offering the sage feedback it would take me several years to hear. And further, leading me to the fabulous editor who helped me get to the core. I am confident that without your encouragement, this book would not be. xxoo

Susan Spann said...

Congratulations, Jordan, on a beautiful cover and what sounds like a fabulous book! I'm sorry I can't make it to the Bay Area tomorrow, but best wishes for the launch event and for fantastic sales!

Erika M said...

Jordan, indeed I did not know, and am so happy I unwittingly played this role. I so much enjoyed our years of manuscript exchanges, encouragement and head banging. I wish great success for Forged in Grace, and sounds like your event today was a great start out of the gates! Susan, thanks for your nice comment. I'll have to get you two together sometime. xxoo