Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ginger versus Bush


Anonymous said...

cute kitty!

Erika, could you please share with us your experience in rewrites of your manuscript? What is that process like?

Do you feel the same statisfaction and surge of creativity when you rewrite as you do when you write original drafts?

Erika M said...

Hm, interesting question. I think rewrites lack the exhilaratin of letting something brand-new unfold... but on the other hand, there are few things as satisfying as solving a story problem with a pre-existing ms.
With rewriting, I feel like I have to be bold and ruthless with myself and cut entire sections. (but I save them in case they get reincorporated later).
What's YOUR experience?

Erika M said...

Exhilaration, that is.

Anonymous said...

that's my kitty! Ginger's famous! i knew all that time on the pageant circuit would pay off.

Schmellie said...

that's my kitty! Ginger's famous, i knew all that time on the pageant circuit would pay off.

Schmellie said...

ill figure this out any day.. oivery.. glad i have a purty cat.

LLL said...

I feel that when I am editing, I'm returning to the same path but the trees all look a bit different somehow. "So this is what the reader sees, huh? Not as clear a road as I thought..."
It's bushwacking trying to clear the path for the reader so that he/she will have the same exhilaration as I had writing the original draft.

It's also
kind of like picking up litter along the highway and chucking it...who left this old beer can here? What purpose did THAT serve? YUCK!