Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy to announce... Annamaria Alfieri


The last in my series featuring Historical Novels Society conference 
presenters, today’s post is an interview with mystery novelist Annamaria 
Alfieri. Her third book Blood Tango launches next month from St. 
Martin’s Press. Congratulations, Annamaria!
Her book’s description: “It is the most dramatic and tumultuous period 
in Argentina’s history. Colonel Juan Perón, who had been the most 
powerful and the most hated man in the country, has been forced out 
of power. Many people fear that his mistress, radio actress Evita Duarte, 
will use her skill at swaying the masses to restore him to office. When 
an obscure young woman is brutally murdered, police detective Roberto 
Leary concludes that the murderer mistook the girl for Evita, the intended 
target of someone out to eliminate the popular star from the political scene.”
Don’t cry for me, Annamaria….couldn’t resist that terrible joke. All right, 
let’s get to the meat of the interview, with questions prepared by the 
wonderful conference organizer Vanitha Sankaran.
Do you follow a specific writing and/or research process?
Yes.  I have the enormous privilege of being a Writer in Residence at 
the New York Public Library.  I am there researching and working four 
or five days a week. My process is to draft quickly and then polish 
and polish and polish.
For you, what is the line between fiction and fact?
I try to portray the facts and the atmosphere of the time and place 
vividly and more or less accurately.  But above all I want to tell a 
really good story, so I don’t let the details of the history get in the 
way of pace and the suspense.  If I want there to be a full moon 
on a certain night, I don’t worry if the moon really was full that day.  
On the other hand, I never portray real people doing things that the
person in question would never have done.  Historical character 
assassination is unnecessary.  There are plenty of bad guys in history 
to go around.
Is there a writer, living or deceased, you would like to meet?
William Shakespeare, who wrote the greatest historical fiction.  
Can you tell us about your latest publication?
Blood Tango is set in Buenos Aires in 1945, against the most 
tumultuous period in Argentine history.  It imagines the murder 
of an obscure girl who was Evita Duarte’s body double.  The 
investigator believes the girl was murdered because she was
mistaken for Evita. 

* * * *

Good luck with your launch on June 25, Annamaria, and thanks for 
participating in the blog tour.

. . . . .

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