Monday, March 03, 2008

Van, what ARE you talking about?

On the way home from Sacramento from the Authors on the Move event, I was listening to the radio and an old Van Morrison song came on. I vaguely knew the chorus, “Oh, the water, oh, the water” but because I was trying fiercely to stay awake, I listened to the lyrics for the first time.

And immediately I was confused. What was that song about? Something stung him to his soul… something in the water stung him. Was it a jellyfish? He does talk of a jellyroll, but is that what they call jellyfish in Ireland?

I listened and puzzled and finally had to google when I got home.

Actually, he was STONED to his soul.

That makes sense.

This has nothing to do with the Witch's Trinity.

. . . .

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Anonymous said...

That song is slightly puzzling, although for some reason I still like it. At another point he mentions jumping in the water with fishing poles...but on a different note, I just read Woman of Ill Fame and really enjoyed it. It's the first pleasure book I've read in a while-usually it's just assigned readings for school.