Monday, March 31, 2008

Stoker results

The Bram Stoker Awards were given out Saturday night in Salt Lake City. I couldn't attend, but the ceremony live streamed, so I sat in front of my computer (along with 75 other people--the website kept a tally!) to watch.

I was pleased Jonathan Mayberry won in his category, since we have corresponded a bit and he is a very nice guy. Gary Braunbeck gave an absolutely extraordinary acceptance speech in his category, about a loss he experienced which had me blinking back tears and counting my blessings.

And since I couldn't win in my category, I was very happy that the person who did is also a Colby graduate! Congratulations, Sarah Langan!

The next day, I attended the "Have you read it yet" bookclub in Oakland, which has met for an astonishing 18 years! These ladies know how to have fun. Unlike my book club, which merely tries to (sometimes) cook meals to match the book we read, they actually dress up. Since they had read Woman of Ill Fame, they all showed up in garters and lingerie with curled hair and ribbons and boas...they certainly dispelled any momentary gloominess over the Stoker!

Not only that, but they had created cardboard replicas of the signs the prostitutes hang over their beds so their fellas know who to request next time, replete with flowers and cirlicue handwriting. I've got my Erika sign, so if I ever fall on hard times...

We drank champagne, ate a fabulous brunch, and they actually read aloud passages from the book that they liked... I pretty much wanted to lie on the floor in a delirium of shamefaced happiness.

Thank you, Dale Marie and all you wonderful "lasses with asses."


Anonymous said... you know I was a big supporter of your book. I think it deserved a Stoker.

-Jonathan Maberry

Anonymous said...

Erika you received a better award! The love and admiration of "Have You Read Book Yet? CLub!" The Oakland Women of Ill Fame salute you! Love Historian Madame Dale Marie

homeswithkatie said...

Actually our club's name is the "HAVE YOU READ THE BOOK? CLUB"...and YES we had the best time with Erika! Her little adorable Clara was also present ... we loved Erika's book and a fun time was had by all!
President of the "HAVE YOU READ THE BOOK? CLUB"