Friday, December 29, 2017

A&E Interview about female killers

The arrest warrant referenced in the A&E piece

A&E TV interviewed me for its real crime blog about female Victorian killers: what motivated them, why juries may have found them innocent when they were guilty, and more. My favorite quote from the piece: "How do you go from serving on the Fruit and Flower Mission to pulverizing your stepmother’s head?"

The piece is called "Lizzie Borden: How could a prim and proper Victorian-era woman be accused of murdering her parents?" Check it out by clicking here. Thanks to writer Stav Dimitropoulos!

And if you want more about Lizzie, my novel The Murderer's Maid is now out and available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and any indie bookstore (you may have to order in advance at a local sellers), in hardcover and ebook.

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