Friday, October 21, 2011

Nice review of Witch's Trinity

Many thanks to blogger and writer Susan Spann, who just posted a very nice review of The Witch's Trinity on her site,

I met her at the Historical Novels Society conference this year in San Diego. I had a great time sitting with her at dinner and talking shop. One cool thing about her (among many) is that she is required to drink about five cups of coffee a day. I thought it was great to have a medical dictate to freely imbibe! She was a lot of fun, and now she has written a really nice review of my book, on top of buying multiple copies of my book. Many thanks, Susan!

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Susan S said...

Thanks for the nice post, Erika! I absolutely loved your book, and had a fantastic time talking with you at the conference too. Here's hoping we can get together for another visit soon!