Sunday, February 24, 2008

It gets naughty

My editor suggested I subscribe to Google Alerts, a free service that emails you anytime your specified search term shows up on any website. So whenever someone writes about "Witch's Trinity" or the misspelled "Witches' Trinity," I get a link to it.

Let us pause for a moment and reflect how scary that really is. Privacy is a thing of the past.

And paranoia and egotism are a thing of the now!

Anyway, this morning I got an alert about a blogger who thought my book was a little too risque. Here's what she wrote:

So as of yesterday I finished a book called the Witches Trinity. Not one I would recommend to anyone. It gets naughty and I am embarrassed to say that I read it.

I had to laugh and say, if you think that's naughty, don't read my first book!

. . .

1 comment:

Linda C. McCabe said...


Me thinks she doesn't care for the words rutting and romping.

Frankly the idea that an elderly woman looking back fondly to the days when she was young and enjoyed being pleasured by her husband helped give your main character a dimension based in real life and something that I don't remember ever reading before in historical novels.

Perhaps your novel's honesty was a bit too shocking for her, because well, she doesn't want to consider the thought that perhaps her own mother or grandmother might have enjoyed herself sexually in her youth as well.